Before Turning The Blog On Himself

Photography blogs are boring and make me want to go on a terrible spree. Welcome to the antidote.

“Is this real? Is THIS real? How about THIS?”


If you click on this, it will do a big and you might get all impressed.

Photography Blogs are Boring? Is a wrestling man wearing very little being all intense boring? I THINK NOT!

I’m not sure how to feel about making this my inaugural post for PBAB (as all the cool kids are calling it – yes I’m stealing that from Richard Herring) but the intention of this blog is to make it interesting, funny or, failing that, at least readable to anyone who has a passing interest in photography, and even those who didn’t realise they did. My proper first post, “Photography Blogs Are Boring”, will shed a bit more light on the title.

So Who Exactly Are You, Man Of Monumental Arrogance?

My name is Gareth Dutton (or GaryDooton to some – don’t ask) and I am a freelance photographer based in West London. Essentially, the life of a freelance photographer involves photographing a burly man in his underwear one day, a pretty girl with nice hair and make up another, a group shot of some awkward, nerdy men the next, some reportage in the middle of a field and oh god how did I end up here the next, and on other days, photographing a topless woman in a wrestling ring, spitting gin at the audience.

I, the blogger, with my photographic entry for Dad of the Year 2012. The best damn image Tez Mercer ever created (it’s not, there’s loads better – go to

Or at least it is for me. I started this blog because freelance photography is exciting: it’s sometimes painful when you’re pinching the pennies through the quiet periods, it’s sometimes joyful as the gigs start rolling in and you attempt to not immediately spend it all on frivolous items, like forty-seven Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, but it’s always different and makes me feel alive. That’s why I am, quite frankly, monumentally depressed by just how many photo blogs are all the same and bore the anus off the reader, even those who are into photography.

I want to show you that photography isn’t boring: it’s bloody brilliant. There’s no need to be a massive yawngit about the subject when there is so plopping much about it that is bloody fantastic. I want to touch your little lovely minds with some of that electricity, get you excited about photography too. Give you the bug. That’s why this blog exists, and hopefully I will indeed transmit to you this lovely disease. Yuck.

Right, this is starting to get frigging boring, so I’ll stop, sharpish.

Boring, Jargon Laden Photography Info That You Couldn’t Give a Shite About

Massive octoboxes are ace – the above shot of pro wrestler Mr Wolf Alexander was achieved with a 140cm beauty pointed downwards directly above him, like a magnificent octagonal deep sea creature, glowing and soft lighting its ugly little bare bulb bastard companions (seriously, have you ever seen an angler fish? Blegh).

It would be good for your brain to remember that my header and background image was created by the utterly, mind bendingly immense human who powers the images collectively known as Sweet Meats Illustration.


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