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Middle-Aged Men, Young Women, Masked Transsexuals

Here, have a postmodern opening to a photography blog post that is actually a lazily draped meta-veil intended to distract from my inability to write a satisfying opener to a blog post. What’s with this title, too? It’s a bit long for a title isn’t it? It looks like a mistake in formatting. Well yes, that’s part of the joke, you see. I’ve been watching a lot of Stewart Lee recently.

Well, that’s the intro out of the way. Except it’s not because I still haven’t explained the header. Basically, it’s all true but sounds more scandalous than it actually is: all in the name of scoring a few more pathetic clicks on left mouse buttons to achieve a vague feeling of self worth. LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK, GO ON. DO IT. CLICK A VIRTUAL BUTTON YOU SCUMBAGS.

Sorry, I’m terrible at this customer relations thing.

Of course not! I’m just having a chuckle up your gobspaces. Breathe that mirth in deep, folks: clears your sinuses. I am actually in a delightful, powerful, sparkling good mood as I have been all over the shop as of late, shooting many different things. I am falling behind in reporting them to you all, so we’re updating with three again today: an on-location magazine shoot, a hair and make up studio session and, finally, more from the excellent boys and girls at Lucha Britannia.

The Molyneux

I appreciate that this part will mean nothing to you non-videogame fans, but I can’t tell you how intense the nerdwaves emanating from my long, equine noggin were when I discovered I was going to sit in on and shoot Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone basically having a free-form conversation about the industry. No matter what you think of Molyneux (and you’re probably wrong anyway) he is a very charismatic and funny chap who has a ridiculous amount of experience in the industry. He is free from the shackles of major publishers now and is working independently at 22Cans, a delightful little Guildford-based studio. As for Ian Livingstone, he co-founded both the Fighting Fantasy book series and Games Workshop. These days you will find him in the Square Enix offices in Hammersmith as Eidos’ Life President. They are a couple of industry giants and thoroughly nice blokes, too.

Here they are having a bloody laugh riot and no mistake next to an actual table made of probably real wood (clicking on images makes them big and strong like bull)


Yes, we are avoiding the obvious joke caption here. Besides, he probably WAS talking about that.

Yes, we are avoiding the obvious joke caption here. Besides, he probably WAS talking about that.

Ian clearly deeply interested in Curiosity here.

Ian clearly deeply interested in Curiosity here.


I was aware of Peter and Ian’s friendship prior to the shoot, so I planned the final shot above with that in mind. Peter is very comfortable in front of camera, whereas Ian is quite the opposite. I knew that if I played them off each other a little without too much direction I would get a more relaxed shot of Ian than I would if I shot him on his own. This was one of those moments where you have an absolute ideal image in your head prior to the shoot and you get the exact image you were picturing.

What Is This Parp It Is Not Photography Show Me Women in Studios

If you know nothing of videogames you’ll be sat there, shrugging your shoulders looking vaguely annoyed. That is if you’re still there at all and not watching Gangnam Style on YouTube or something (make pop culture reference, pause for laughter – the Andy Parsons school of comedy). Never fear, it is time to move on to some shots from the hair and make up session. I will focus on my favourite model, who hasn’t modelled for Greasepaint for a while, so it was excellent to see her again and get some fresh shots.

You should definitely click on these because they go super big on your screenbox and will hopefully make you go “gasp!” like that

Just a couple from this shoot to show where I went more for a portrait look than one to exclusively show off the hair and make up.

The number of models to photograph varies from shoot to shoot. This time, there were fewer than there have been recently, which affords me a little more time to experiment and take better, more interesting portraits, as opposed to just a selection of angles and shots I have ready in my head to cover the different elements of the hair and make up. It’s always a delight working with this girl: we get on brilliantly and her natural aptitude always brings life and expression to the images. I’m planning to do some kind of on-location fashion shoot thing with her: basically just spend a couple of hours getting shots or her looking cool and confident. There’s the small matter of actually convincing her, of course.

Lucha Britannia is our final stop, then: this is one of my regular shoots now and one of my favourite ones, too. I’m still working on that feeling of a story behind the images but I’m also working on taking it further than that. What is a good image? One that is well composed and correctly exposed. What is a better image? One with emotion, story or character: something that evokes a reaction in you. What, then, is a better image than that? I’m still trying to find that out, but I think the answer lies in breaking the core rules of composition, focus and exposure. The key thing, though, is breaking them for a reason.

When you look at the best documentary photography, it has something more: it is not merely a document of the event with a story element, so I think I’m on the right track. I’m not saying I’ve achieved all this here and have transcended all things, like Jebediah Camera Eyes: God of Photography, I am just keen to get better and not stagnate creatively. Anyway, enough of that serious guffballs:

Wrestling! Women in latex! Men in…well…very little! Incorrectly placed headings!

LuchaApril1 LuchaApril6 LuchaApril7 LuchaApril16 LuchaApril24 LuchaApril25 LuchaApril26 LuchaApril27 LuchaTeaser1 LuchaTeaser3 LuchaTeaser4 LuchaTeaser5 LuchaTeaser8

Thanks for making it to the end of this typhoon of powerful drivel. I must run away with my legs now, because there are more photos to edit, more shoots to book, more more more. Look for another update soon, fans of words!


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