Before Turning The Blog On Himself

Photography blogs are boring and make me want to go on a terrible spree. Welcome to the antidote.

5 Things I Did This Week That Have More Substance Than Those Abominable Clickbait Listicle Sites

What This Photographer Did Next Will Blow Your Mind (If You’re An Awful Simpleton) Hello, hardcore fans of my stupid bloody writing, thanks for remaining loyal. Yes, there are only … Continue reading

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Idiotic Twitter Ramblings


About this man and his words

Gareth Dutton thinks photography blogs are boring. He's trying to write one that isn't and it's going horribly. Still, it's nice to know he's alive and well and hasn't gotten himself lost in some awful place, like a terrible evil well made out of the souls of the departed or something.

If you like looking at photos, you might want to go to

Because there are photos there. That he took. I took. It's me, writing in the third person.

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