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Photography blogs are boring and make me want to go on a terrible spree. Welcome to the antidote.

There Are Loads of People on Planet Earth and They’re More Interesting Than You

It’s fine.


Honestly, don’t worry about it. Statistically it was always going to be the case. There are over seventeen people living on Earth – possibly even more – and as a result, it’s highly unlikely you’re amongst the most interesting. Or talented. Or useful. BUT THAT’S OKAY. It’s not about you.

The problem is, sometimes, I think portrait photographers forget it’s not about them. As far as I’m concerned, the mantra of all portrait photographers should be exactly that – “it’s not about you”. This can be seen most clearly in the recent fashion for posing your portrait subjects as if they were items of furniture. I don’t think the trend is necessarily intentional, but that’s what I always think of.


Jerry and Steakley Bakewell, shown here demonstrating the "person as furniture" pheomenon

Jerry and Steakley Bakewell, shown here demonstrating the “person as furniture” pheomenon


I’m not saying that can’t work or that it’s “not portraiture” – anything works if you do it with talent, love and care – it’s just not what I look for in an evocative portrait.


“Not About You”, eh? This Seems To Be Entirely About You So Far

In the interest of honouring what I just said, and seeing as this is a portraiture blog, here are eight human beings and some stuff about them.

Oh and there may be some nudity, so BEWARE if either you or your workplace hate the human body.


Rubyyy Jones


Rubyyy (with three ‘y’s) Jones is a compere, a neo burlesque performer and, by day, a voiceover artist. She is warm, kind, fearless and doesn’t not give the most miniscule of fucks. She runs and comperes the Save Rubyyy Jones Revue in Vauxhall, East London along with the rest of The Familyyy Fierce. An artist and an entertainer. Her shows are beautiful, expressive and even educational. I admire her ambition and open-mindedness.


Miss Cairo

Miss Cairo is an incredible dancer and burlesque performer who captures everyone’s attention when she performs. Cairo is seen here at the Save Rubyyy Jones Revue. I continue to be astonished by the level of skill and talent at the SRJ Revue and it is a joy to go and see someone such as Cairo perform. It also makes me feel woefully old and out of shape, but THIS ISN’T ABOUT ME AS WE HAVE ALREADY ESTABLISHED.


Carlos and Libertad

Carlos and Libertad make up HelloEnjoy, a 3D computer art company in Brighton. They work entirely from home and juggle getting their work done with looking after a toddler. They were such friendly, welcoming people and we found common ground in videogames and complaining / enthusing about our children.


Lilly Snatchdragon

Lilly is a incredibly talented burlesque performer with huge ambitions. She is utterly charming and fiercely intelligent. Her performances follow an ongoing series about a Thai woman making her way to England to find herself (and a husband). After both watching her acts and talking with her about them, her ideas are brilliant, and using satire and comedy via the medium of burlesque to comment on the fetishisation and orientalism of eastern women is, well, it’s a lot fucking cleverer than the shit I put out.

Andi Hamilton and Sean Bell

Andi and Sean host what is arguably the most loved enthusiast gaming website and podcast, Midnight Resistance, in between hammering out their day jobs. They’ve been best friends for a very long time, despite being about as different as you could imagine: Andi loves a booze up and a watch of the old UFC, Sean has been straight edge for life and hates basically all forms of sport. What they do have in common is that they’re both smashing human beings who are brilliant at what they do.

Sam Daisy Dutton

Sam Dutton is my daughter, and sometimes, she insists on getting in a washtub full of water and crayons before she eats an apple. She is an idiot.


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